Bitch Battles

One of the nicest girls I know is a singer and songwriter and has a Facebook page where she actually writes about personal stuff going on in her life. This is different than most singers and songwriters because a lot of them have hired public relations people and street teams who run the web sites and Facebook pages on behalf of the performer. But she writes the stuff herself and I admire her openness and honesty.

Today she was a little distraught and wrote about how she had just been attacked on her web site by someone who was very nasty to her. She certainly did not deserve to get such a scathing comment from someone who doesn’t even really know her. She posted on Facebook that she was struggling on how to handle it. Everyone told her to ignore it, take the high road, blah blah blah. I told her to not ignore it but to not say anything that would make her look bad. Just thank her for writing and not respond to anything else. That will frustrate the bitch and not give her any ammo for retaliation. The bitch was probably just a troll anyway. If you don’t give a troll any attention, they get bored and go away.

Checked Out Hosting Prices Today

Ads for hosting services have been dogging me on the sidebar of Facebook and my emails all week. I have seen ads for Hostgator, GoDaddy and BlueHost. Also Yahoo and some new free blog service by Intuit.

I don’t like any of the free hosting services – they are full of restrictions and policies that limit what you can do with them. So I have been looking for an affordable hosting company for my new blog. I was tempted by the ads that claim monthly fees of under $5, but when you read the fine print and do the math it turns out to be more like $10 a month and they want a full year’s money up front.

I don’t mind paying for a year – in fact I would rather pay once than have to worry about it every month. One time payment versus twelve payments makes it easier for everyone. But I don’t like the misleading ads that claim to be less than half of what the actual cost turns out to be. If they are going to be sneaky and dishonest at the beginning of your business relationship, how can you expect them to be a good, trustworthy business partner a few months down the road?

Free Blogs Aren’t Worth It

There are free blogs on different web site services, which I always thought would be a good way to get started blogging. Some of the sites have ads on them, but most are pretty good for beginners to learn. You can get a free blog and try it out for a couple of months. If you don’t like blogging you can quit and you haven’t lost anything but your time to write the posts. There are free blogs on Google and on, as well as several other well known sites.

But when I started looking at the free blog sites and reading their terms of service and content policies, I was shocked to see how restrictive the free sites are. You cannot use them to make money or promote anything. You also cannot write about certain things or post pictures or the site will take down your blog and ban you. That sucks!

I guess the best thing to do is pony up the $10 to buy your own domain name and then host it somewhere cheap. Maybe if you had to spay money for it you will appreciate it a little more and make a bigger effort to keep writing the blog instead of so easily walking away from it when it is free.

Fighting Hackers is a Constant Battle

So my web site was off line for about 3 days because some jackass hackers decided to attack the server where I keep my blog. I noticed it right away, but thought it would be fixed real quick and I didn’t worry about it too much. But the second day it was down, I started getting worried. I didn’t know if the web site was gone or just not showing up online. So I sent in a trouble ticket and asked the tech support people to let me know what is going on.

Well, they didn’t even know that their own server had been hacked until I complained about it. WTF is that about? Why don’t they check for things like that and just handle it?

So after it was down for two days and the tech support people started working on it, they found out that about a thousand web sites had been offline and all these people were losing business revenue and even their Google page rank while the hackers had their evil fun with everyone. That just pisses me off! I hope there is a special place in hell for the hackers who cause all these problems for people. They are scum.

Hell yea !

I am so fucking happy. I just heard that Ron Paul may take Iowa in the Caucus. I absolutely love his politics and his ideas for lowering our deficit. This is the best news I have had in a long while. I can only pray that everything goes well and we can win the elections all the way around. I am not of either particular party, but the alternative choices are just not even close to what we need in office. I feel sorry for those who are so disillusioned by the current administration they voted for. I have heard so much grumbling but the very same people whom I TOLD at the time that they were backing a loser.

People never listen. Unfortunately for us, their shitty judgement has made a bad situation worse. I am not very happy about it, but there is nothing for it now but to get him out of office. That is not going to be easy either. I have high hopes though, for the next elections. I just hope that people are smart enough not to play the devil you know, rather then the one you don’t game. It is a highly¬†irresponsible way to vote in my opinion.