ie7 Adoption Rate: Faster Than You Think?

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ie7 Adoption Rate: Faster Than You Think?

“The fantastic Ajax Experience Boston conference just wrapped up. It was an excellent event, attended by well-known industry luminaries alongside young Web developers and designers aching to learn as much as they can about JavaScript, Ajax, Rich Internet Apps, and something that’s made me very happy: A drive to understand great document structure and CSS.

The following transcript and video is an excerpt from Chris Wilson’s presentation. Chris is the Platform Architect for Internet Explorer. Here, he’s discussing why he believes the adoption rate of IE7 will be faster than we might think.

You can enjoy the video I grabbed of Chris presenting this information, in .mov format (2meg), provided here with express permission of Jay Zimmerman on behalf of the Ajax Experience, and Chris Wilson.

There have been three million downloads of IE7 . . . and that’s in the first four days. From that, I think you can probably extrapolate actually the adoption curve is probably going to be fairly steep.”

With so many people out there using Windows I can only imagine how many downloads it will get in a years.