The Day the Music Died

February 3rd was the  59th anniversary of the day three musicians died in a plane crash.  This event was memorialized in a song in 1971  called  American Pie by singer Don Mclean which included the lyrics, “the day the music died” and  in movies.  The three performers were Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and JP Richardson also known as The Big Bopper.  The Buddy Holley story starred actor Gary Busey.  Richie Valen’s story was a movie by the name La Bamba that starred Lou Diamond Phillips.  Buddy Holley is known for songs such as “That will be the day” and “Peggy Sue”.  Richie Valens was known for his song “Donna”, about a high school sweetheart.  J.P. Richardson was known for a song called “Chantilly Lace”.

The three, along with other musicians were signed up for the Winter Dance Party Tour.  A tour that was for 24 concerts in the Midwest over a period of 3 weeks.  They had already performed at several shows before playing in Clear Lake Iowa on Feb. 2, 1959.  Their tour bus was freezing and unreliable and Buddy Holley chartered a plane to fly them to Fargo, North Dakota which would have placed them close to the next city they were due to perform in.  Unfortunately the plane crashed shortly after take off.


My town’s lake

My town has a sad little lake.  I’ve only lived here a short time and there hasn’t been a lake at all, but it is expected within a matter of months.  The most exciting part, for me, is when it is back, it’s within a block from my home.

Once the center point of  town, the original earthen dam collapsed when a storm brought heavy rains in 2003.  A new dam was built in 2008.  The town’s people were so excited!  They had their lake back.  It was especially enjoyed by the homeowners that live right on the lake and have piers.  In it’s heyday, they enjoyed swimming , boating and skiing, as well as the annual 4th of July Fireworks which were set off on the dam.

Sadly, in 2010 the lake drained because of a sink hole under the dam that had been replaced.  Engineers and Construction companies were once again put to work but this time declaring that the job would be done correctly this time.

Luckily, for the town, the town was able to sue the engineers and construction companies and recoup some of the expense so that it wouldn’t just be paid by the town’s people.

When it does reopen in a few months, it will have a new pier, a snack bar, and play ground, and a small beach area.I’m sure I’ll be cooling off there on hot summer days, and I will  be up front for the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Totally Impressed with the New Battlefield Game

My boyfriend loves his Playstation. That is his number one form of entertainment – well, number 1 after sex. Let’s be real. So, he buys all the new games as soon as they come out and he plays online against other people for a lot of the games. The new Battlefield game is one of those that you play online and he has had his ass glued to the couch since that game came out last week.

I have sat and watched him play a few of the games with teams he just fell in with. There are some scary good players out there, people. These guys are probably snipers in real life and just play this game for practice. Anyway, I am totally impressed with the new Battlefield game. It is so realistic it is scary. There is a lot of detail on everything, from the rain splattering on the ground and making puddles to the way you have to sight the enemy and lead the target before firing. It is very real and definitely not for little kids.

There is the new Call of Duty coming out next week. I know my boyfriend will be one of the first to buy that game, even though the new Playstation doesn’t come out yet.When the PS4 comes out, I know he will be buying that, too.

I don’t understand who coordinated the release dates of all these new games and the Playstation 4, but I sure hope the new PS4 will play the older versions of games. We have a shit load of money sunk into the PS3 versions of games and I don’t want to buy all those same games over again just to be able to use the new PS4. But I can see why the makers of them would want you to do that. When each game costs anywhere from $50 to $80, the game makers are rolling in dough from guys like my boyfriend.

Day Time TV Sucks

Stayed home today and stayed in bed, so of course I had the TV on to keep me company. I started out on CNN but the anchor woman on CNN is some horrible bleached blonde with huge black rimmed glassed and I can’t stand that bitch. She doesn’t report the news – she is all about opinion and her interviews suck ass. She asks manipulative questions that put the gues on the spot and forces them to agree with her or provide backup details to what she has already stated. They were the worst so-called interviews that I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stand it any longer and grabbed the remote to flip channels.

Well, I have about 1200 cable channels and there was not a damn thing worth watching. It was like a desert wasteland of entertainment. Thank God there are cable music channels so I could listen to some rock and roll while I drifted off to sleep and took a nice nap.

Really Starting to Hate NFL Football

When I was a kid, there was no such thing in Nashville as professional football. We had college football. The main college in Nashville with a team was Vanderbilt, which was a joke. They had a bunch of pansy rich boys in uniforms who couldn’t score for shit. Most of Tennessee would cheer for the University of Tennessee, but that is in Knoxville. It was not unusual for hundreds of cars and trucks and even small planes to evacuate Nashville every Friday evening and go to Knoxville for the UT Saturday football games.

Then, the politicians worked some deals with a losing team in Texas to move the team to Tennessee so we could have an NFL team here. They promised to buld a brand new football stadium, just for them. They promised tax breaks and guaranteed seats and season tickets sales and all kinds of crap to get them to come. so the Houston Oilers came to Tennessee and became the Titans.

They won a few seasons and everyone was thrilled to have the Titans here. But then some of the players started misbehaving, lots of DUIs and drug arrests. Shootings, domestic battery cases, strip club incidents and all kinds of shit started happening. That’s when we realized that these overpaid bullies were nothing but thugs and criminals and I sure hope some people are regretting their enthusiasm for bringing all this crime to our wonderful city. We didn’t have this crap when it was college football.