How was your Holiday

Well it was a great year here and I hope everyone else out ther had a Happy Holiday season and is enjoying themselves. I just got back in from a long day at work but wanted to blog to clear my mind so I could do other things I need to get done and also to have a chance to read some of the other bloggers posts out there I follow and see how they spent thier Holiday time. Heard on the news they hanged Suddam and now there is a video clip of the event on the net that was shot by someone there with a camera phone. I heard that this video is stirring up problems but I do not understnad why because as an American I think we should of had all of our news stations out there to broadcast the event worldwide in high definition I mean the American people paid billions of dollars to fight the war to remove him from power why should we not get a front row seat to his hanging? Anyways wanted to give a shout out to Alice for throwing one hell of a New Years Eve party next year my house girl.And one las tthing I got a new cellphone this year for Christmas and will have a new number sooon so all my friends out there change it on your speed dials when you get it.

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