Ipod Sex Toys

Sex toys for the Ipod ? Yes, now there is another thing the Ipod can claim to do for consumers “gives you an orgasam” Created by a former Apple marketing executive the ohMibod is a adult sex toy vibrator designed to plug into your Ipod then vibrate depending on the music you have loaded onto your Ipod. They have a great website with some video on women in Boston checking out the product and raving about it along with photos and tips and tricks you can do with the device. Should be interesting to see if this sex toy device will make it into the mainstream adult toy stores. They need to come out with a realistic vagina that plugs into a Ipod that and they can sell to men. Which makes me wonder what else they have┬ácoming out and do they plan on making sex toys for other mobile devices and if anyone has seen similiar products on the web ?

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  1. I heard of another Ipod sex toy plug called the ibuzz and it is something similiar to the decive your talking about. Any idea if something like this is made for the Zune or Cell Phones ?

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