Love doll Parties

From kary

“Had a great time cruising the streets in a limo with friends at one of my best friends Bachlorte party, I think my friend Stephanie covers the night on her blog alot better but wanted to add in some the moments I thiought were hot as well and wanted to shout out to Betty for having us all there and being such a great hostess. This was a night none of else will ever forget and I am sure with all the pictures and video that was shot that night I am sure some of us will always be reminded of or should I say teased about.My favorite moment of all time was when the blow up love doll flew out of the top of the limo and bounced off three cars, we quickly stopped the ride and retrieved our blow up man, then headed down the road to one of the best bars I have ever been in.”

Girl you need to get you a male stripper the next you get a limo full of women that way you do not have to worry about popping the love doll or the love flying out the window. Even still would have been cool to see the love doll come out of the limo.

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  1. Sounds like it was a hell of a party if you ever plan on coming out West to San Fransico you can party with us anytime. Jessica I must say girl you are one in milliom.

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