Fleeing their town?

You have got to be fucking kidding me. There is a town in Wisconsin that is having problems with loud booms, popping noises and vibrations that simulate minor tremors. However, the town officials as well as the Geological Society are completely baffled as to what is causing this phenomena. It is so bad that people are freaked out and leaving their town. The town officials have checked all of the normal things, such as, gas leaks, sewage gas etc…all to no avail. They are unable to figure out what is making these sounds and vibrations. There is no local oil drilling causing it either.

This brings to mind an old movie about a town that disappears Phantoms. In the film there are loud noises, sirens and then perfect eerie quiet. Of course in the movie it is an evil entity that was asleep for thousands of years had woken up and wanted to be worshiped and eat people or something like that.  It was based on a book by Dean Koontz. I loved the book, however the movie was second rate. Not that the people did a bad job, it is more like production didn’t really put enough into it and the director was definitely second rate. Really fucking weird though.