New Adobe

Woot ! I got the new Adobe Photoshop and Premier Elements. This is fucking awesome. I love these programs and playing with photoshop is too fucking cool, since I love to take pictures and then mess with them. My family loves the pictures I post on Facebook for them. Some are from our family get together, and some are just random pictures of my life or nature. I get some really good wildlife shots that I add words and such to that are funny as hell. I know that you know what kind of pictures I am talking about.

I have a few projects along that line that I am going to do. I copy write all of my pictures that I make so that if people want to use them for making money, I get a cut. I also leave my water mark on them so I have credit for them every time. I have thought about making this a home based business, but it is very time consuming and not that lucrative as a job. The term ” starving artist” comes to mind. I like to eat, so that will never do for me. Ah well, I am going to play with my new toy, have a great day !