Who Buys Cars for Christmas Gifts?

What the fuck is up with all these car commercials showing a new car parked in the driveway on Christmas morning with a huge red bow on top? How many people in this country really think that giving someone a car is an appropriate Christmas gift? How many people can even afford a gift like that?

Well, I am sick of watching these fucking commercials. They are depressing! 98% of the people watching these car commercials are not the least bit interested in buying a new car for someone as a Christmas gift. So why are the car dealers making the rest of us poor slobs watch these depressing and irrelevant commercials?

It seems to me that the money spent on these commercials are a total waste. The people are likely to buy a car for a Christmas are probably not even watching TV to see the commercials. Why not target that tiny bit of the population by name and address and give them some other kind of direct advertisement? Like, let them drive one of the cars for a week and send them a gift basket or something? I hate the commercials and I hate the idea of someone buying a car at Christmas. Its just not something in the realm of my possibilities.



Online Ordering Sucks Sometimes

This just happened to me so I’m still a little pissed off about trying to order something online. I’m checking my email on I see an ad in the sidebar. Now, most of the time I don’t even look at those damn things, but this time it was an ad for something I had just looked at last week and wanted to buy it but decided to wait until after Christmas on the chance that it would go on sale. Plus I didn’t want to overspend at Christmas so buying something for myself didn’t really fit into the budget.

Now, I know that these stores use cookies to track what I’m looking at and I’m used to seeing ads targeted just to me and what I’ve been looking at on the internet. What these fools don’t realize is that most of the time if I looked at something and did not buy it right then, I have a good reason. Most of the time it’s not really what I wanted or I found it somewhere else at a better price or a different color or something.

Anyway, this ad says that the item is half off, so that made it more attractive. I’m still concerned about my Christmas budget, but if this is half off now, it will probably be sold out after Christmas and then I won’t be able to get it at all. So I decided to go ahead and buy it and I clicked on the ad. It took me to the stores site, where I have an account. I clicked to put it in the shopping cart and they gave me a screen that says are you sure you want to check out already? We have a lot more stuff for you to look at and buy while you are here! But I don’t want anything else – I just want to order this one thing. Then I go to a screen that asks for my email and password. Of course, it says the password is wrong.

When all is logged in, it asks for my delivery address and my billing address and fuck that. I have an account already set up there – all that info should be saved and all I have to do is click. I’m not fucking typing all that crap in there every time I order something. So I’m pissed off and what I barely wanted in the first now looks like just a fucking hassle. So I quit the whole checkout process and didn’t buy it. I don’t want it that fucking bad.

Stocking Up on Candles

Last year I had a big box of candles in the basement and i decided that they were just taking up space and going to waste. So I started taking a candle out of the box every time I went down to do my laundry and set it in my bathroom to burn it. I love a burning candle in the bathroom – especially when I take a nice long bath and spend an hour pampering myself.

So, today I was doing laundry and went to get my candle and this is the last one! I had no idea that I had gone through the entire box of candles already! I really need to get to the store and buy some more candles. I wish someone would put candles on sale so I could stock up!


Bitch Battles

One of the nicest girls I know is a singer and songwriter and has a Facebook page where she actually writes about personal stuff going on in her life. This is different than most singers and songwriters because a lot of them have hired public relations people and street teams who run the web sites and Facebook pages on behalf of the performer. But she writes the stuff herself and I admire her openness and honesty.

Today she was a little distraught and wrote about how she had just been attacked on her web site by someone who was very nasty to her. She certainly did not deserve to get such a scathing comment from someone who doesn’t even really know her. She posted on Facebook that she was struggling on how to handle it. Everyone told her to ignore it, take the high road, blah blah blah. I told her to not ignore it but to not say anything that would make her look bad. Just thank her for writing and not respond to anything else. That will frustrate the bitch and not give her any ammo for retaliation. The bitch was probably just a troll anyway. If you don’t give a troll any attention, they get bored and go away.

Day Time TV Sucks

Stayed home today and stayed in bed, so of course I had the TV on to keep me company. I started out on CNN but the anchor woman on CNN is some horrible bleached blonde with huge black rimmed glassed and I can’t stand that bitch. She doesn’t report the news – she is all about opinion and her interviews suck ass. She asks manipulative questions that put the gues on the spot and forces them to agree with her or provide backup details to what she has already stated. They were the worst so-called interviews that I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stand it any longer and grabbed the remote to flip channels.

Well, I have about 1200 cable channels and there was not a damn thing worth watching. It was like a desert wasteland of entertainment. Thank God there are cable music channels so I could listen to some rock and roll while I drifted off to sleep and took a nice nap.