How was your Holiday

Well it was a great year here and I hope everyone else out ther had a Happy Holiday season and is enjoying themselves. I just got back in from a long day at work but wanted to blog to clear my mind so I could do other things I need to get done and also to have a chance to read some of the other bloggers posts out there I follow and see how they spent thier Holiday time. Heard on the news they hanged Suddam and now there is a video clip of the event on the net that was shot by someone there with a camera phone. I heard that this video is stirring up problems but I do not understnad why because as an American I think we should of had all of our news stations out there to broadcast the event worldwide in high definition I mean the American people paid billions of dollars to fight the war to remove him from power why should we not get a front row seat to his hanging? Anyways wanted to give a shout out to Alice for throwing one hell of a New Years Eve party next year my house girl.And one las tthing I got a new cellphone this year for Christmas and will have a new number sooon so all my friends out there change it on your speed dials when you get it.

Dentist in Nashville deserves an award

My friend James had some serious work needed done on his mouth, he is a smoker and has not brushed his teeth in nearly a year due to the pain it causes but also he has many Medical problems, one of them being Hemophilia which makes him very hard to work on when the loss of blood is involded, he told me about this Nashville Dentist named Doctor Michael Vaughan that helped him restore his smile and so far so good and I mean I can see a one hundred percent turn around in not just his teeth but his gums as well. James has been raving about this mans work he has been doing for him ever since he started his treatments. I can tell you that James is a totaly changed man since having his smile back and I just wanted to share his expierence with all my readers since this guy did something really great and asked for nothing in return I figured I would do him the same by mentoning him and on my WordPress blog

An angry fix from Zeldman

An angry fix

Some of the best minds working in web standards have been quietly or loudly abandoning the W3C. Björn Hörmann is the latest. His reasons for leaving the W3C QA Group make compelling reading (hat tip: Terje Bless). I believe in W3C standards, particularly the ones you and I use every day, but I worry about the direction in which the W3C is headed.

Beholden to its corporate paymasters who alone can afford membership, the W3C seems increasingly detached from ordinary designers and developers. Truth be told, we and our practical concerns never drove the organization. But after ordinary designers and developers spent nearly a decade selling web standards to browser makers and developing best practices around accessibility and semantics, one hoped the W3C might realize that there was value in occasionally consulting its user base.

Alas, the organization appears unconcerned with our needs and uninterested in tapping our experience and insights. It remains a closed, a one-way system. Like old-fashioned pre-cable TV advertising. Not like the web.

To be fair, the W3C solicits community feedback before finalizing its recommendations. But asking people to comment on something that is nearly finished is not the same as finding out what they need and soliciting their collaboration from the start.

ie7 Adoption Rate: Faster Than You Think?

From Molly’s website

ie7 Adoption Rate: Faster Than You Think?

“The fantastic Ajax Experience Boston conference just wrapped up. It was an excellent event, attended by well-known industry luminaries alongside young Web developers and designers aching to learn as much as they can about JavaScript, Ajax, Rich Internet Apps, and something that’s made me very happy: A drive to understand great document structure and CSS.

The following transcript and video is an excerpt from Chris Wilson’s presentation. Chris is the Platform Architect for Internet Explorer. Here, he’s discussing why he believes the adoption rate of IE7 will be faster than we might think.

You can enjoy the video I grabbed of Chris presenting this information, in .mov format (2meg), provided here with express permission of Jay Zimmerman on behalf of the Ajax Experience, and Chris Wilson.

There have been three million downloads of IE7 . . . and that’s in the first four days. From that, I think you can probably extrapolate actually the adoption curve is probably going to be fairly steep.”

With so many people out there using Windows I can only imagine how many downloads it will get in a years.