Day Time TV Sucks

Stayed home today and stayed in bed, so of course I had the TV on to keep me company. I started out on CNN but the anchor woman on CNN is some horrible bleached blonde with huge black rimmed glassed and I can’t stand that bitch. She doesn’t report the news – she is all about opinion and her interviews suck ass. She asks manipulative questions that put the gues on the spot and forces them to agree with her or provide backup details to what she has already stated. They were the worst so-called interviews that I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stand it any longer and grabbed the remote to flip channels.

Well, I have about 1200 cable channels and there was not a damn thing worth watching. It was like a desert wasteland of entertainment. Thank God there are cable music channels so I could listen to some rock and roll while I drifted off to sleep and took a nice nap.

Why Do Sunglasses Cost $400?

Stopped by the sunglasses hut” at the mall to see if I could find something to help driving during the winter. The glare from snow and wet roads hurts my eyes, so I thought a pair of decent sunglasses might help. Well, all these designer brands are nice and all, but holy crap, what makes them worth $400 and more? This is bull shit. They are just accessories. Nobody NEEDS sunglasses that costs $400.

Anybody know where I can get a good pair of Foster Grants for under twenty bucks? That’s all I need – I am not trying to impress anyone with my fashion sense when I’m driving to work or driving home after work. Damn!

They Don’t Want the Modest Toys

Did you know that it is against the law in some countries to buy or sell Barbie dolls? I thought that was the craziest thing. Evidently in those countries, the Barbie doll is seen as a threat to raising little girls in a modest and wholesome manner. So, the government over there has officially approved a state made doll that dresses modestly.

That just pisses me off on so many levels. For one thing, who the fuck is the government to tell me what I can play with for toys? Toys are for using your imagination, not for indoctrination. And second, who the fuck is the government to decide how the girls must dress?

This is all bullshit to me and I hope they don’t ever try to pull that shit on us over here, because I can promise you today’s girls and women won’t let that shit fly.

Tickets for a Show

For my mom’s birthday I wanted to get her tickets to a dinner theater. She loves to go to dinner theaters and it should be pretty easy to order a gift card for a show of her choice to go when she wants to use the gift card and make her reservations for the show of her choice.

I went online and tried to find dinner theaters in her area, but only found two clubs that are still open. I wonder what happened to all the other dinner theaters that we used to go to? I hate to think that they went out of business because no one was going to the shows!

Well, I found one that is not too far from my mom’s house and went to order the gift cards online. I know that my mom, being older and not like to be out late at night, would want to go to the Sunday matinee, which is $10 cheaper per ticker than the popular Friday night or Saturday night shows. But this site had gifts cards only in the amount for a Friday night or Saturday night show. If you bought the gift card and used it for a Sunday matinee, you lose $10 on each ticket. That sucks!

I was going to buy 4 tickets for her so she could invite some friends and have a nice dinner and show out one weekend. But I’m not going to waste $40 on those tickets. What a stupid policy to only sell gift cards for the most expensive shows. They just lost out on the four tickets that I was going to buy. I’ll find something else to give her for a gift.

Free Catalogs are Doomed

Have you noticed that no one is sending out free catalogs any more? I used to get a dozen catalogs in the mail from different companies. But I wonder if anyone still uses the catalogs to order stuff? Or do we look through the catalog and then go online to order from their web site? Or are there still a few who will pick up the telephone and place an order over the phone and talk to a live person when they place their order?

I know that I don’t want to waste my time on the phone when I can do it myself online. But sometimes I have a questions about the product or the charges and I wish I could talk to a live person and at least get an answer to my question instead of having to just guess and then take a chance that I guessed wrong.