Two of six – penis pumps

Just finished updating my second web site it is located at which is a web site that contains detailed inofmration and pictures of mens penis pumps. Have not yet choose a them for it but like the rest I am sure I will just comstum make a template for it. Had an easy time uploading the information thanks to the ease of use of wordpress. ANyways wanted to get some feedback even if it was negative about what should or should not be there and ofcourse why.

Sex chat in high definition

Was at a girls night out or in depending on how you look at it. One of the gals just got a new computer with all the bells and whistles along with a HUGE high definition monitor. Well after a dozen or so of us jealous females had a couple fo bottle of wines and a massive pillow fight in bras and panties, no just kidding, we decided to go online for some more fun. First we tryed luring guys thru Yahoo Messenger but they were all ugly and would not do what we wanted them to do, if they even had a webcam five out of ten did not, so we check out a couple of sex chat directories and came accross two live sex chat web sites that had everything we wanted and I mean some real hunks or studs just depending on where you from. After a couple of hours of making these guys shake it we moved onto some other cool adult web sites that served up video on demand movies and who can resist seeing the Paris Hilton sex tape in high definition needless to say we spent alot of time surfing porn and just wanted to say how great it is that we can read and watch porn sex or just anyhting related to adult content online and I hope we all fight to keep it that way wopuld suck to be in the future and everytime you want to surf porn you had to go thru a Government portal in order to do so.