Pour Some Sugar on Me

Reading a magazine while waiting for the dentist helps keep my mind off what is about to happen when I have to go back into that tiny bright room and let the dentist start drilling on my teeth. I read any magazine that they have tossed on the waiting area table. Today it was Southern Living.

One of the articles about cooking mentioned that the “holy trinity” of southern cooking is (1) sugar, (2) butter and (3) salt. I think they got that right. We use all three of those thing very liberally when we cook anything here in the south. And we fry just about everything, too. We fry Oreos, hot dogs, cheese, and even sticks of butter and sell that crap at the county fairs. We fry pancake batter and dust it with powdered sugar and call it funnel cakes. We sell paper plates piled high with funnel cakes and sugar at every hockey game, football game, wrestling match and tractor pull anywhere in the state.

I’m a big fan of sugar – white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar – you name it and I love that shit. Which is why I am sitting in the dentist office waiting area right now waiting for the dentist to fix my damn teeth. When he starts preaching to me about cutting back on sugar, my eyes just glass over and I force a smile and nod my head. But I’m not giving up my sugar.

Checked Out Hosting Prices Today

Ads for hosting services have been dogging me on the sidebar of Facebook and my emails all week. I have seen ads for Hostgator, GoDaddy and BlueHost. Also Yahoo and some new free blog service by Intuit.

I don’t like any of the free hosting services – they are full of restrictions and policies that limit what you can do with them. So I have been looking for an affordable hosting company for my new blog. I was tempted by the ads that claim monthly fees of under $5, but when you read the fine print and do the math it turns out to be more like $10 a month and they want a full year’s money up front.

I don’t mind paying for a year – in fact I would rather pay once than have to worry about it every month. One time payment versus twelve payments makes it easier for everyone. But I don’t like the misleading ads that claim to be less than half of what the actual cost turns out to be. If they are going to be sneaky and dishonest at the beginning of your business relationship, how can you expect them to be a good, trustworthy business partner a few months down the road?

Really Starting to Hate NFL Football

When I was a kid, there was no such thing in Nashville as professional football. We had college football. The main college in Nashville with a team was Vanderbilt, which was a joke. They had a bunch of pansy rich boys in uniforms who couldn’t score for shit. Most of Tennessee would cheer for the University of Tennessee, but that is in Knoxville. It was not unusual for hundreds of cars and trucks and even small planes to evacuate Nashville every Friday evening and go to Knoxville for the UT Saturday football games.

Then, the politicians worked some deals with a losing team in Texas to move the team to Tennessee so we could have an NFL team here. They promised to buld a brand new football stadium, just for them. They promised tax breaks and guaranteed seats and season tickets sales and all kinds of crap to get them to come. so the Houston Oilers came to Tennessee and became the Titans.

They won a few seasons and everyone was thrilled to have the Titans here. But then some of the players started misbehaving, lots of DUIs and drug arrests. Shootings, domestic battery cases, strip club incidents and all kinds of shit started happening. That’s when we realized that these overpaid bullies were nothing but thugs and criminals and I sure hope some people are regretting their enthusiasm for bringing all this crime to our wonderful city. We didn’t have this crap when it was college football.

Why Do Sunglasses Cost $400?

Stopped by the sunglasses hut” at the mall to see if I could find something to help driving during the winter. The glare from snow and wet roads hurts my eyes, so I thought a pair of decent sunglasses might help. Well, all these designer brands are nice and all, but holy crap, what makes them worth $400 and more? This is bull shit. They are just accessories. Nobody NEEDS sunglasses that costs $400.

Anybody know where I can get a good pair of Foster Grants for under twenty bucks? That’s all I need – I am not trying to impress anyone with my fashion sense when I’m driving to work or driving home after work. Damn!

Late Night TV Sucks

All these high paid executives who decide what America gets to watch on cable TV need to get a grip and realize that thee are people who do not live the traditional 9 to 5 jobs and lifestyles. There are a lot of people who work second shift and third shift. And there are a whole lot of people who work two jobs just to keep the lights on. All of these people have different schedules than Typical Joe who watches TV at 8:00 and then watched the 10:00 news and falls asleep on the couch.

I almost never turn on the TV until after 10:00 and after I suffer through the local news, which is always crap except for the weather forecast, all I get to see is overpaid talking heads who host a “variety show” and then its either reruns from shows that aired 4 or 5 years ago or infomercials. Why can’t someone run the good shows at midnight or 1:00 am? Why can’t the rest of us get to watch the first run dramas and situation comedies.

Oh, you can keep those so-called reality shows. We all know that they are scripted and edited and the people are forced to do and say things that fuck over the whole concept of reality. Just sayin’.