Girls best friends

Is technology replacing Diamonds as a girls best friend? A recent poll shows most women want some type of electronic device for Valentines Day or thier Birthday instead of the usual Jewelry and candy. Still Roses are at the top of the list as this yeasr as gifts to give but the study made me wonder what devices women wanted, sure we all have atleast one that vibrates but what gadget are you craving the most this year to have and why ?

Wired Sex Blog

Had a great time reading some posts from the Wired bloggers and somehow stumbled accross the to the Wired sex blog called Sex Drive Daily and found alot of great topics and articles that were worth reading. Now I know talking about adult stuff gives some people the creeps so I will keep this post short but wanted to spot light a great and well written blog about adult sexuality that if you have some time should stop by and read.