Fighting Hackers is a Constant Battle

So my web site was off line for about 3 days because some jackass hackers decided to attack the server where I keep my blog. I noticed it right away, but thought it would be fixed real quick and I didn’t worry about it too much. But the second day it was down, I started getting worried. I didn’t know if the web site was gone or just not showing up online. So I sent in a trouble ticket and asked the tech support people to let me know what is going on.

Well, they didn’t even know that their own server had been hacked until I complained about it. WTF is that about? Why don’t they check for things like that and just handle it?

So after it was down for two days and the tech support people started working on it, they found out that about a thousand web sites had been offline and all these people were losing business revenue and even their Google page rank while the hackers had their evil fun with everyone. That just pisses me off! I hope there is a special place in hell for the hackers who cause all these problems for people. They are scum.

Free Catalogs are Doomed

Have you noticed that no one is sending out free catalogs any more? I used to get a dozen catalogs in the mail from different companies. But I wonder if anyone still uses the catalogs to order stuff? Or do we look through the catalog and then go online to order from their web site? Or are there still a few who will pick up the telephone and place an order over the phone and talk to a live person when they place their order?

I know that I don’t want to waste my time on the phone when I can do it myself online. But sometimes I have a questions about the product or the charges and I wish I could talk to a live person and at least get an answer to my question instead of having to just guess and then take a chance that I guessed wrong.

Mexican food

I am fucking craving Mexican food lately. I think the closer it gets to Cinco De Mayo, my body somehow knows. I always go to my favorite Authentic Mexican restaurant on that day to celebrate. No damned Taco Bell for me. I want a real Margarita and nacho’s, as well as my favorite entree’. I have a couple of things I really like but my all time favorite is Chimmichanga’s. They are so delicious, I can’t get enough of them. I usually go with my best friend and her mom each year. It is almost becoming a tradition with us.

Don’t ask me why I like to celebrate this particular holiday when I am not remotely Mexican, but I suppose it is just something fun to do like St Patty’s Day. Besides, I don’t eat Mexican food often and this gives me a reason to enjoy it. I think I should probably make reservations, because I know it will be packed just like it is every year on this day. Last year we forgot to make them and had to wait for two hours to get a table. That is not going to happen this year, that much I promise you.

Hell yea !

I am so fucking happy. I just heard that Ron Paul may take Iowa in the Caucus. I absolutely love his politics and his ideas for lowering our deficit. This is the best news I have had in a long while. I can only pray that everything goes well and we can win the elections all the way around. I am not of either particular party, but the alternative choices are just not even close to what we need in office. I feel sorry for those who are so disillusioned by the current administration they voted for. I have heard so much grumbling but the very same people whom I TOLD at the time that they were backing a loser.

People never listen. Unfortunately for us, their shitty judgement has made a bad situation worse. I am not very happy about it, but there is nothing for it now but to get him out of office. That is not going to be easy either. I have high hopes though, for the next elections. I just hope that people are smart enough not to play the devil you know, rather then the one you don’t game. It is a highly irresponsible way to vote in my opinion.

New Adobe

Woot ! I got the new Adobe Photoshop and Premier Elements. This is fucking awesome. I love these programs and playing with photoshop is too fucking cool, since I love to take pictures and then mess with them. My family loves the pictures I post on Facebook for them. Some are from our family get together, and some are just random pictures of my life or nature. I get some really good wildlife shots that I add words and such to that are funny as hell. I know that you know what kind of pictures I am talking about.

I have a few projects along that line that I am going to do. I copy write all of my pictures that I make so that if people want to use them for making money, I get a cut. I also leave my water mark on them so I have credit for them every time. I have thought about making this a home based business, but it is very time consuming and not that lucrative as a job. The term ” starving artist” comes to mind. I like to eat, so that will never do for me. Ah well, I am going to play with my new toy, have a great day !