Hell yea !

I am so fucking happy. I just heard that Ron Paul may take Iowa in the Caucus. I absolutely love his politics and his ideas for lowering our deficit. This is the best news I have had in a long while. I can only pray that everything goes well and we can win the elections all the way around. I am not of either particular party, but the alternative choices are just not even close to what we need in office. I feel sorry for those who are so disillusioned by the current administration they voted for. I have heard so much grumbling but the very same people whom I TOLD at the time that they were backing a loser.

People never listen. Unfortunately for us, their shitty judgement has made a bad situation worse. I am not very happy about it, but there is nothing for it now but to get him out of office. That is not going to be easy either. I have high hopes though, for the next elections. I just hope that people are smart enough not to play the devil you know, rather then the one you don’t game. It is a highly irresponsible way to vote in my opinion.

My date

Okay, so I had a date last night and wouldn’t you fucking know it, the guy was a creep. It was a blind date, which I normally do not do.  My friend Stacy told me this guy that was at her last party liked me and wanted to go out with me. Like a jackass I said okay and now I wish to hell I hadn’t. I ended up leaving him at the restaurant and taking a cab home. He was the most male chauvinistic pig I have ever met. He is looking for a wife, but wants his “little lady” to stay at home and raise the kids like a good little wifey.

Are you fucking kidding me ! That wasn’t the worse part though, by the time dinner was over I was already pissed off, but then he wanted to go dutch and my pay half the tab. What a loser. I got up and left the restaurant right then and told him to never call me again. Then I called Stacey and bitched her out for being so unbelievably stupid. She was like, “Oh well I always thought he was joking around when he said blah blah blah” Well guess what? He was not joking at all.