First of six

Have started on my first of six projects which is a blog about vaginas. Something simple and easy to put up and thus far have made 10 posts. I am looking for wordpress templates that are great for this type of adult product but have not found any thus far so I will be making several wordpress templates soon in order to replace the standard template it comes with. Should be interesting to see just how hits this blog I never knew there was such demand for these products or information about them but hey it pays well. And the web site is standard compliant since it uses the wordpress template so even better. Soon I will make a qr code for the site and add alot of bling to it and show you all just how I did it.

Another six

Was searching for a job since getting canned by my last employer and in less then two weeks of searching I found a new company to work for and want me A.S.A.P. They have assigned me six domains to work with to start that must have be standards complaint All are adult oriented and are to be done by the end of March, all are about sixty pages each and focus on niche markets within the adult industry so forawhile now I will be bloging about my experiences in creating these new sites. One of the things I found strange but was glad to hear is they want the sites built for the users and not for the search engines which is great since I have no idea about SEO and only how to create great looking web sites but they also want them so they can be viewed ona mobile so I have my work cut out for me and look forward to sharing my frustrations and accomplishments here soon.

Ipod Sex Toys

Sex toys for the Ipod ? Yes, now there is another thing the Ipod can claim to do for consumers “gives you an orgasam” Created by a former Apple marketing executive the ohMibod is a adult sex toy vibrator designed to plug into your Ipod then vibrate depending on the music you have loaded onto your Ipod. They have a great website with some video on women in Boston checking out the product and raving about it along with photos and tips and tricks you can do with the device. Should be interesting to see if this sex toy device will make it into the mainstream adult toy stores. They need to come out with a realistic vagina that plugs into a Ipod that and they can sell to men. Which makes me wonder what else they have coming out and do they plan on making sex toys for other mobile devices and if anyone has seen similiar products on the web ?

Yahoo Go 2.0 Beta

From Yahoos website Yahoo Go 2.0 “Yahoo Go! is the first application optimized for the “small screen” of a mobile phone that truly makes it easy and fun to access the Internet. Everything about the Yahoo! Go interface is designed to be both visually stunning and give you what you want with the fewest clicks possible.

At its core is the carousel, used to navigate intuitively among the various Yahoo! Go widgets your own personal channels for email, local info & maps, news, sports, finance, entertainment, weather, Flickr™ photos and search. Simply use the carousel to scroll over to the widget you want. Since Yahoo! Go uses advanced caching and background loading technology, your widget content is automatically and continuously “pushed” to your phone, so it’s always right there when you want it. You don’t need to endure lengthy downloads or navigate loads of links to get to what you want.”

Once I saw the Beta launch I just had to give the new Yahoo service a try and after using it for a couple of days I loved so much I blogged about it becasue it is much faster in downloading information and alot easier to keep track of all my goodies online and I totaly reccomend anyone to try it out for themselves.

How was your Holiday

Well it was a great year here and I hope everyone else out ther had a Happy Holiday season and is enjoying themselves. I just got back in from a long day at work but wanted to blog to clear my mind so I could do other things I need to get done and also to have a chance to read some of the other bloggers posts out there I follow and see how they spent thier Holiday time. Heard on the news they hanged Suddam and now there is a video clip of the event on the net that was shot by someone there with a camera phone. I heard that this video is stirring up problems but I do not understnad why because as an American I think we should of had all of our news stations out there to broadcast the event worldwide in high definition I mean the American people paid billions of dollars to fight the war to remove him from power why should we not get a front row seat to his hanging? Anyways wanted to give a shout out to Alice for throwing one hell of a New Years Eve party next year my house girl.And one las tthing I got a new cellphone this year for Christmas and will have a new number sooon so all my friends out there change it on your speed dials when you get it.