Fifth website Strap Ons

Seems all the websites I am making for these guys will be about sex toys and this one will focus on strap ons and offers descriptions and pictures of strap ons and can be found here . They plan like with all the other to offers podcsts and eventually video of the strap ons or other adult prodcuts but for now they just want the pictures and descriptions and programs installed which is WordPress. This website is made just for women though so sorry men look elsewhere.

Fourth website Anal Toys

Did so good on the last three they want me to do the rest and have assigned me to do. I have access to the server now and not just uploading posts via the wordpress login and I guess I am being tested to see just how much I know and how fast I can do it so you should see a wordpress blog and a couple of posts in a matter of days. This website is for both men and women so both genders feel free to take a peak.

Two of six – penis pumps

Just finished updating my second web site it is located at which is a web site that contains detailed inofmration and pictures of mens penis pumps. Have not yet choose a them for it but like the rest I am sure I will just comstum make a template for it. Had an easy time uploading the information thanks to the ease of use of wordpress. ANyways wanted to get some feedback even if it was negative about what should or should not be there and ofcourse why.