They Don’t Want the Modest Toys

Did you know that it is against the law in some countries to buy or sell Barbie dolls? I thought that was the craziest thing. Evidently in those countries, the Barbie doll is seen as a threat to raising little girls in a modest and wholesome manner. So, the government over there has officially approved a state made doll that dresses modestly.

That just pisses me off on so many levels. For one thing, who the fuck is the government to tell me what I can play with for toys? Toys are for using your imagination, not for indoctrination. And second, who the fuck is the government to decide how the girls must dress?

This is all bullshit to me and I hope they don’t ever try to pull that shit on us over here, because I can promise you today’s girls and women won’t let that shit fly.

Mexican food

I am fucking craving Mexican food lately. I think the closer it gets to Cinco De Mayo, my body somehow knows. I always go to my favorite Authentic Mexican restaurant on that day to celebrate. No damned Taco Bell for me. I want a real Margarita and nacho’s, as well as my favorite entree’. I have a couple of things I really like but my all time favorite is Chimmichanga’s. They are so delicious, I can’t get enough of them. I usually go with my best friend and her mom each year. It is almost becoming a tradition with us.

Don’t ask me why I like to celebrate this particular holiday when I am not remotely Mexican, but I suppose it is just something fun to do like St Patty’s Day. Besides, I don’t eat Mexican food often and this gives me a reason to enjoy it. I think I should probably make reservations, because I know it will be packed just like it is every year on this day. Last year we forgot to make them and had to wait for two hours to get a table. That is not going to happen this year, that much I promise you.


I fucking love spring. It is hands down my favorite time of year, when everything is fresh and new. The trees and flowers bloom in a riot of colors and the smell of fresh cut grass is abundant. I am going to have a little get together now that the weather is so fine. I have a bar-b-q grill on my back patio that is about to get a nice work out. I know that it will be a fun time, because all of my friends are just like me. We love the outdoors and BBQing is on of our favorite things to do.

I think I will serve the typical bar-b-q foods for this time around as we haven’t had one in so long. I am very excited by this and can’t wait till the weekend gets here. I think I may set up some games to play just for some fun. I have a badminton set and a Crockett set as well for us to play. I don’t think I will serve a lot of alcohol this time though. Maybe a little beer but I don’t want a rowdy party this time, I just want a quiet get together with my closest friends.

Movie time

I have to go see Chronicle while it is still in the theater. I have heard that it is amazing. So, I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to do  a girls night out for dinner and a movie. I also told her I was paying and I think she about fell over. I just want to show her my appreciation for all the girls time she has taken me for over the years. My mom loves science fiction as much as I do, because I get it from her, so I know that she will love this movie too.

I really hope she doesn’t have any plans made already. She and my dad live a busy life, but I just might get lucky. If not that is okay, I will just go by myself. This movie is about kids who develop or already have some kind of crazy powers. One of them is supposed to go crazy killing people and the others of course have to stop him. I have watched the trailer for this movie like a hundred times already and cannot wait to see it. I know I keep going on and on about it but I am excited.

Alabama judge rules for love stuff sex toy shop – adults only law too vague

Well it seems that the ludacris laws that have been made restricting adult women’s (and men’s) places to purchase the toys and books that we want are finally being considering overly broad and too vague. An article from a newspaper in Alabama talks about a circuit judge striking down a law that would have closed the love stuff sex toys store.

I find it frustrating that politicians use porn and sex to muster up some votes and controversy, yet people don’t really consider how some of these laws are really just restricting where women can shop for marital aides and other products that we want. I know it is taboo to talk about these things in public, but people need to wake up and realize there is a fine between shutting down houses of ill repute and making it harder for women to have easy access to products that simply help them relax in the bedroom.

from the Birmingham news:

A store on U.S. 31 in Hoover that sells sex toys will be allowed to stay open because a 1998 state law regulating “adult-only” businesses is too vague, a Jefferson County circuit judge ruled today.

The city of Hoover argued that the Love Stuff store should not be allowed to operate at its present location because it violates a law forbidding “adult-only” businesses within 1,000 feet of houses, day care centers, churches and other places frequented by minors.

Circuit Judge Robert Vance Jr., in a 12-page decision, did not dispute whether Love Stuff was within 1,000 feet of such places but said the “crux” of the dispute was whether the store was an “adult-only” enterprise.

Vance ruled that the state law was “too vague to pass constitutional muster” because it does not clearly define what makes a business “adult-only.”

See Saturday’s Birmingham News for more details.

Roger Batson Jr.