Pour Some Sugar on Me

Reading a magazine while waiting for the dentist helps keep my mind off what is about to happen when I have to go back into that tiny bright room and let the dentist start drilling on my teeth. I read any magazine that they have tossed on the waiting area table. Today it was Southern Living.

One of the articles about cooking mentioned that the “holy trinity” of southern cooking is (1) sugar, (2) butter and (3) salt. I think they got that right. We use all three of those thing very liberally when we cook anything here in the south. And we fry just about everything, too. We fry Oreos, hot dogs, cheese, and even sticks of butter and sell that crap at the county fairs. We fry pancake batter and dust it with powdered sugar and call it funnel cakes. We sell paper plates piled high with funnel cakes and sugar at every hockey game, football game, wrestling match and tractor pull anywhere in the state.

I’m a big fan of sugar – white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar – you name it and I love that shit. Which is why I am sitting in the dentist office waiting area right now waiting for the dentist to fix my damn teeth. When he starts preaching to me about cutting back on sugar, my eyes just glass over and I force a smile and nod my head. But I’m not giving up my sugar.

Try a New Sub Shop

When I go to my sister’s house I pass a little shopping center that has a new sub sandwich shop in it. I have never heard of that brand before. It’s called Firehouse Subs. Have you ever tried one?

Most of the time around here I go to Subway when I want a sub, and if I am in a part of town around lunch time that has a Quizno’s, then I will go get a Quizno’s sub just to be different from the usual Subway subs.

I wonder what is so different about Firehouse Subs that they have a whole chain of those sub sandwich restaurants? I mean, a sub is basically a roll with meat and your choice of vegetables on top. There are only so many ways you can change up the basic sub ingredients.

Tickets for a Show

For my mom’s birthday I wanted to get her tickets to a dinner theater. She loves to go to dinner theaters and it should be pretty easy to order a gift card for a show of her choice to go when she wants to use the gift card and make her reservations for the show of her choice.

I went online and tried to find dinner theaters in her area, but only found two clubs that are still open. I wonder what happened to all the other dinner theaters that we used to go to? I hate to think that they went out of business because no one was going to the shows!

Well, I found one that is not too far from my mom’s house and went to order the gift cards online. I know that my mom, being older and not like to be out late at night, would want to go to the Sunday matinee, which is $10 cheaper per ticker than the popular Friday night or Saturday night shows. But this site had gifts cards only in the amount for a Friday night or Saturday night show. If you bought the gift card and used it for a Sunday matinee, you lose $10 on each ticket. That sucks!

I was going to buy 4 tickets for her so she could invite some friends and have a nice dinner and show out one weekend. But I’m not going to waste $40 on those tickets. What a stupid policy to only sell gift cards for the most expensive shows. They just lost out on the four tickets that I was going to buy. I’ll find something else to give her for a gift.

Mexican food

I am fucking craving Mexican food lately. I think the closer it gets to Cinco De Mayo, my body somehow knows. I always go to my favorite Authentic Mexican restaurant on that day to celebrate. No damned Taco Bell for me. I want a real Margarita and nacho’s, as well as my favorite entree’. I have a couple of things I really like but my all time favorite is Chimmichanga’s. They are so delicious, I can’t get enough of them. I usually go with my best friend and her mom each year. It is almost becoming a tradition with us.

Don’t ask me why I like to celebrate this particular holiday when I am not remotely Mexican, but I suppose it is just something fun to do like St Patty’s Day. Besides, I don’t eat Mexican food often and this gives me a reason to enjoy it. I think I should probably make reservations, because I know it will be packed just like it is every year on this day. Last year we forgot to make them and had to wait for two hours to get a table. That is not going to happen this year, that much I promise you.


I fucking love spring. It is hands down my favorite time of year, when everything is fresh and new. The trees and flowers bloom in a riot of colors and the smell of fresh cut grass is abundant. I am going to have a little get together now that the weather is so fine. I have a bar-b-q grill on my back patio that is about to get a nice work out. I know that it will be a fun time, because all of my friends are just like me. We love the outdoors and BBQing is on of our favorite things to do.

I think I will serve the typical bar-b-q foods for this time around as we haven’t had one in so long. I am very excited by this and can’t wait till the weekend gets here. I think I may set up some games to play just for some fun. I have a badminton set and a Crockett set as well for us to play. I don’t think I will serve a lot of alcohol this time though. Maybe a little beer but I don’t want a rowdy party this time, I just want a quiet get together with my closest friends.