New Adobe

Woot ! I got the new Adobe Photoshop and Premier Elements. This is fucking awesome. I love these programs and playing with photoshop is too fucking cool, since I love to take pictures and then mess with them. My family loves the pictures I post on Facebook for them. Some are from our family get together, and some are just random pictures of my life or nature. I get some really good wildlife shots that I add words and such to that are funny as hell. I know that you know what kind of pictures I am talking about.

I have a few projects along that line that I am going to do. I copy write all of my pictures that I make so that if people want to use them for making money, I get a cut. I also leave my water mark on them so I have credit for them every time. I have thought about making this a home based business, but it is very time consuming and not that lucrative as a job. The term ” starving artist” comes to mind. I like to eat, so that will never do for me. Ah well, I am going to play with my new toy, have a great day !

Adobe’s Contribute 4: A kick-ass blogging tool

From the Sixapart Blog 

Adobe’s Contribute 4: A kick-ass blogging tool

We’ve been fans of Adobe for a long time — their blogging community on Movable Type is a great look inside one of the largest and most innovative software companies in the world, and of course we’ve worked with their teams in the past to add Movable Type and TypePad template support to tools like GoLive and Dreamweaver.

More on this great sotyr ar there blog but since I am Macromedia Dreamweaver user and everyone in my work group uses the same figured it would be great to spotlight it. My thought no matter who owns the brand Dreamweaver will always be a Macromedia company to me.There will no doubt be more to come as Adobe showcases alot of new products this season and in the coming years.