Time for a Fresh Look

All this stress in my life is taking its toll. I need some retail therapy, but I don’t fell like chopping for clothes. I think I will go to the mall and find some new sheets and a comforter or quilt or something to give my bedroom a fresh look. I might even buys some paint and put some color back into my life. I am sick of looking at plain white walls all the time. It is time for a fresh new look!

My bedroom has been green, with some touches of pink and burgundy for at least 2 years. Although that color combination is very restful and soothing, it has become boring to me. I think I want to find something that is cream, tan and gold, with something else for an accent color – maybe a little bit of dark red or dark green. I will have to see what the bedspread and quilt patterns are like at the department before I make up my mind.

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