Free Blogs Aren’t Worth It

There are free blogs on different web site services, which I always thought would be a good way to get started blogging. Some of the sites have ads on them, but most are pretty good for beginners to learn. You can get a free blog and try it out for a couple of months. If you don’t like blogging you can quit and you haven’t lost anything but your time to write the posts. There are free blogs on Google and on, as well as several other well known sites.

But when I started looking at the free blog sites and reading their terms of service and content policies, I was shocked to see how restrictive the free sites are. You cannot use them to make money or promote anything. You also cannot write about certain things or post pictures or the site will take down your blog and ban you. That sucks!

I guess the best thing to do is pony up the $10 to buy your own domain name and then host it somewhere cheap. Maybe if you had to spay money for it you will appreciate it a little more and make a bigger effort to keep writing the blog instead of so easily walking away from it when it is free.

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