really great code /design collabo idea – middlemen that save time

I also believe this is an excellentn idea. I have seen many successful web projects completed very quickly with the help of programmers in India, and it seems that the whole proccess of getting the end coders can take longer than getting the code itself. I imagine this could be a major timesaver for those of us with several projects to complete, and the fact that they consider accessability and seo, wow, middleman you may learn to love.

From Tech Crunch:

If you have a website design but don’t have the time, resources or inclination to turn it into CSS or XHTML, check out three month old startup XHTMLized.

They outsource your design to coders around the world and return it to you within five days. They do more than quick converstion to code: XHMTLized claims that they’ve come up with a “recipe which provides search engine love, accessibility know-how and utilizes smart practices such microformats and ALA techniques”. Projects start at a very reasonable $150, and you don’t pay if you don’t like the product.

Adrants points out men as sex objects in advertising – finally.

A snippet from a racy advertising blog (Adrants):

Women Are Not the Only Sex Objectified in Ads


For the sole purpose one sex is featured far more than the other here on Adrants, we bring you this ad campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch filled, as they always are, with hot guys who have nothing better to do than workout all day, stare at themselves in the mirror and gaze into the lens of cameras. See more of these ripped dudes here.

Huge asteroid near miss- planet earth.

This is really kinda crazy; the stuff you think movies are made of…

From Boing Boing:

Big-ass asteroid whooshes by Earth, too close for comfort
A very large asteroid flew a mere 270,000 miles from Earth’s surface today, just a tad farther than our moon. But then 2004-XP14 read the bumper sticker on Earth’s backside which read, “Get any closer and I’ll fart!,” so the asteroid veered off. And here we are, all of us, unsmashed — for now. Snip from Globe and Mail story:

More than three dozen asteroids have flown closer to Earth in the past few years, but scientists believe 2004 XP14 is among the largest. The asteroid, discovered in 2004, is estimated to be up to 800 metres wide based on its brightness. Late Sunday and early Monday, it was expected to be visible as a small moving dot to amateur sky watchers with good telescopes in North America and as a fainter object in Europe. Its closest approach was over the U.S. West Coast.

Link to story. Image: NASA.

most people regret the vices that they did not indulge in

This is a very cool study that shows most people regret the vices that they did not indulge in… and regret working so much… I can attest to THAT!

Hedonists, rejoice! A couple of Columbia University researchers have found that in the long run, people tend to regret having missed out on opportunities for pleasure — and they wish they hadn’t been so diligent about working. What’s more, our attitudes reverse over time. In the short run, we’re proud of our ability to work hard and delay gratification. But years later, we regret that choice.

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