Human voted search results – an entire engine

Saw a cool tidbit about the search engine where the results are human powered, well voted, sounds cool. Not that I think this is the first of it’s kind, hell, that’s what made yahoo so frickin’ cool years ago.

I think that Google has probably used some of this to help influence results, but relying for the majority more on the comptuer alogrythim. It will be interesting to see a new search service that is human done, kind of like the old yahoo used to be. Some of the problems I see with this are spam, but even worse, is some things such as political views and other opinions about content will be influenced heavily by the human who is doing the voting for the creation of the particluar search phrase. is where I had found this cool new place.

planes pissed if you bring your own shot of vodka

I learned about airlines pitching a fit about someone pouring thier own mini shot of vodka into a drink instead of buying from the stwaerdess over at: Joho
My comments:

I think the mini bottle of vodka on the plane should be a non issue. The candy in the theater, I understand, the theater is a private place of entertainemnt that has a very limited business. The airlines however, although private companies, are acting as a form of public transportation, it is is lame to say you can drink on the plane, but not your own bottle.

I could see not allowing to people to set up a bar and start selling competing drinks (bar on a plane, nice thought), but really, when you could smoke on planes did the airlines say you couldn’t smoke your cigarettes?