Unbloggers blogging

Found some interesting blogs over at unblog that feature different types of adult toys and what not The first unblog focuses on dildos the second on masturbators and the third on love dolls. All three blogs are great and very informative and are worth a read and look if you have some spare time to learn about these subjects. i know I do and love doing it so maybe you will to.

DVD Bloggers

Had a chance to surf around online for a bit and found some great Bloggers that blog about digital video discs or DVDS the first dvd blog is really cool with lots of pictures and descriptions. The second dvds blogger seems to have better pictures but worse descriptions but both are fun to read and comment on. And third is the best in my opinon and it is a adult hd dvds blog that features nothing but new adult hd dvds. Anyways some cool stuff wante dto share hope you all find it interesting.