Who Buys Cars for Christmas Gifts?

What the fuck is up with all these car commercials showing a new car parked in the driveway on Christmas morning with a huge red bow on top? How many people in this country really think that giving someone a car is an appropriate Christmas gift? How many people can even afford a gift like that?

Well, I am sick of watching these fucking commercials. They are depressing! 98% of the people watching these car commercials are not the least bit interested in buying a new car for someone as a Christmas gift. So why are the car dealers making the rest of us poor slobs watch these depressing and irrelevant commercials?

It seems to me that the money spent on these commercials are a total waste. The people are likely to buy a car for a Christmas are probably not even watching TV to see the commercials. Why not target that tiny bit of the population by name and address and give them some other kind of direct advertisement? Like, let them drive one of the cars for a week and send them a gift basket or something? I hate the commercials and I hate the idea of someone buying a car at Christmas. Its just not something in the realm of my possibilities.