Really Starting to Hate NFL Football

When I was a kid, there was no such thing in Nashville as professional football. We had college football. The main college in Nashville with a team was Vanderbilt, which was a joke. They had a bunch of pansy rich boys in uniforms who couldn’t score for shit. Most of Tennessee would cheer for the University of Tennessee, but that is in Knoxville. It was not unusual for hundreds of cars and trucks and even small planes to evacuate Nashville every Friday evening and go to Knoxville for the UT Saturday football games.

Then, the politicians worked some deals with a losing team in Texas to move the team to Tennessee so we could have an NFL team here. They promised to buld a brand new football stadium, just for them. They promised tax breaks and guaranteed seats and season tickets sales and all kinds of crap to get them to come. so the Houston Oilers came to Tennessee and became the Titans.

They won a few seasons and everyone was thrilled to have the Titans here. But then some of the players started misbehaving, lots of DUIs and drug arrests. Shootings, domestic battery cases, strip club incidents and all kinds of shit started happening. That’s when we realized that these overpaid bullies were nothing but thugs and criminals and I sure hope some people are regretting their enthusiasm for bringing all this crime to our wonderful city. We didn’t have this crap when it was college football.