Checked Out Hosting Prices Today

Ads for hosting services have been dogging me on the sidebar of Facebook and my emails all week. I have seen ads for Hostgator, GoDaddy and BlueHost. Also Yahoo and some new free blog service by Intuit.

I don’t like any of the free hosting services – they are full of restrictions and policies that limit what you can do with them. So I have been looking for an affordable hosting company for my new blog. I was tempted by the ads that claim monthly fees of under $5, but when you read the fine print and do the math it turns out to be more like $10 a month and they want a full year’s money up front.

I don’t mind paying for a year – in fact I would rather pay once than have to worry about it every month. One time payment versus twelve payments makes it easier for everyone. But I don’t like the misleading ads that claim to be less than half of what the actual cost turns out to be. If they are going to be sneaky and dishonest at the beginning of your business relationship, how can you expect them to be a good, trustworthy business partner a few months down the road?